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NGC 1977 "Running Man Nebula"
    Constellation:  Orion

    Size: 20 arcmin

    RA:  05h 35m 18s

    Dec: -04 d 49m 00s

NGC 1977 is a large blue reflection nebula in Orion located just above the Great Nebula, M-42.   The running man shape appears easily in CCD images, but is much more difficult to detect visually.  In fact nebulosity around these stars is not readily visible in 6"-8" scopes. 


Click Here for a larger image

Scope:   8" LX 200 SCT
MX-5C CCD Camera & STAR 2000 Auto Tracker
Focal Ratio: f3.3
Exposure 50 min

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Click here for a very nice film image by Bobby Middleton


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