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NGC 2683 Galaxy
NGC 2683 is one of the Herschel 400 deep sky objects.  Although the center is fairly bright, the outer regions of the spiral arms are very dim.   You should just be able to see the central area of the galaxy with a 6-inch scope.
    Constellation:  Lynx

    Size:  10.5 x 2.5 arcmin

    Magnitude:  10.6

    Surface Brightness:  12.4

    RA:  08h 52m 41s

    Dec: +33d 25m 03s

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Scope:   8" LX 200 SCT
MX-5C CCD Camera, STAR 2000 and IDAS LPR
Focal Ratio: f6.6
Exposure:  70 min (three 20 min and one 10 min combined)
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