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NGC 5921 & SN 2001X 
NGC 5921  is a small rather dim galaxy in the constellation Serpens.   During the spring of 2001 a medium bright super nova (SN 2001X) was discovered and subsequently imaged by many amateurs.   I measured the brightness in my image using the Astro Art Photemetry feature at magnitude 15.3
    Constellation:  Serpens

    Size:  4.9 x 3.9 arcmin

    Magnitude:  11.5

    Surface Brightness:  13.4

    RA:  15h 21m 56.4s

    Dec: +05d 04m 11s

The limiting magnitude of this image is about magnitude 17.

Scope: 8" LX 200 SCT 
MX-5C CCD Camera, STAR 2000 & IDAS LPR
Focal Ratio: f6.6 
Exposure: 40 min combined
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